Culling and Clashing

Kiboshed Kiwi Kiddie Kitty Killers In the previous edition of The Chester Chronicles, we reported on the many municipalities in Australia trying to impose curfews on house cats to save unique native species on the continent. Their Southern Cross cousins in New Zealand were ready to take that to another level in regards to feralContinue reading “Culling and Clashing”

Down Under Cat Curfews

Corralling Cats An entire continent is heading towards a curfew for cats and the fur is flying because of it. More and more communities throughout Australia are imposing new laws to keep domesticated felines inside their homes, or at least their properties in an attempt to save the nation’s unique indigenous wildlife. We’re not talkingContinue reading “Down Under Cat Curfews”

War and Peace

Feline FUBAR What do iamrowdycatdeafcat, littlemunchiepooky and strykerthecat all have in common? A) They’re all TikTok cat stars B) They are partially responsible for Ukraine’s ammunition shortage in its war with Russia C) Both The correct answer is – C) Both. Yes, TikTok cats are impacting the war in Ukraine. But how? Norwegian ammunition manufacturerContinue reading “War and Peace”