No Cat is Purrfect

Personality Disorder Would you describe your cat as neurotic, extravagant, domineering, impulsive or agreeable? Maybe a combination of some? Would your cat agree with your assessment? I believe our cat, Chester, goes through all these personalities which a research paper on cat psyche explored. A recent article on the internet resurrected results from a surveyContinue reading “No Cat is Purrfect”

Cheaters and Plumbers

Two-Timing Cat How would you react if your cat; the one you feed, provide shelter for, give scritchies to, serve catnip and spoil with everything a feline would want, comes home after a night out and it’s covered in lipstick marks from another human? Bamboozled? Outraged? Jealous? Filled with thoughts of retribution against the person,Continue reading “Cheaters and Plumbers”

This is a Joke, Right?

Bathtub Yule Logs A cat in Liskeard, England showed she was a quick learner in how to celebrate Christmas by taking a human joke and turning it into a series of very real Yule log excretions. Sophia Williams thought it would be funny to place an Elf on the Shelf inside the jaws of aContinue reading “This is a Joke, Right?”

Power Trip

Chillin’ and Pillin’ Travel anxiety affects 25 percent of the U.S. population. Some forms of travel anxiety are fear of flying, crossing over high bridges, going through tunnels, longing for home comfort, thinking about worst case scenarios and worrying about what happens once your trip begins. Whatever the specific reason for this type of disorder,Continue reading “Power Trip”