Corpus Delicious

Catibalism Will Your Cat Eat Your Corpse? That headline from Wired got my attention and the answer isn’t reassuring either. Given the right circumstances; 1) you’re dead, 2) your cat is starving, 3) your dead body and starving cat are all alone with no way out for kitty, yeah, you’re on the menu. The findingsContinue reading “Corpus Delicious”

Schooled by Cats

Teacher’s Pet New Mexico’s Governor has called out the National Guard; not to deal with a flood, or quell a riot, but to be school teachers. Since October, the state has had more than 1,000 unfilled teaching positions and COVID-19 is only adding to the shortage. As a result, Governor Lujan Grisham put out the wordContinue reading “Schooled by Cats”

What’s the Frequency, Cat?

Hello Houston, We Have a Cat Problem “Starlink is designed and tested to handle a wide range of temperatures and weather conditions including snow, hail, sleet, heavy rain, and extreme heat. Starlink is not designed to handle hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, meteors, dinosaurs, or other extreme forces of nature.” From Starlink website, describing conditions that mayContinue reading “What’s the Frequency, Cat?”