Who’s the Boss?

The Battle of Vitamix Though Canada doesn’t have the volume of involvement in military conflicts as the United States, they don’t shy away from fighting, and we’re not talking hockey brawls. Canada has taken part in many of the greatest conflicts in recent memory; World War I, World War II, Korea and Afghanistan. Now, it’sContinue reading “Who’s the Boss?”

Cat Got Your Wallet?

All Cats are Gray at Night I stumbled across a story on the world wide web from AZ Animals about the most expensive cat breeds. These felines make Chester look humble compared to the pretentious attitudes that ooze from their photos, and that’s quite a feat, since I thought no creature had a greater self-worthContinue reading “Cat Got Your Wallet?”

Paws, Claws and Gauze

Pussycat Pedicure Chester is a bona-fide scaredy cat. “Run away” should be his motto. He has scared himself chasing his own tail. Strangers, their pets, loud noises, the anticipation of danger; you name it and Chester will always default to the first option of “flight or fight.” That’s a good thing, because Chester has aContinue reading “Paws, Claws and Gauze”

Cats a Gunnin’ and a Drinking, Not Really a Mixing

Kitty’s Got a Gun A New Hampshire man was cleaning his loaded gun when it fell off a workbench and discharged (of course), striking the individual in the stomach. He was taken to the hospital by his wife, police told Newsweek. Why an ambulance wasn’t called, is a mystery. The hospital contacted the police whoContinue reading “Cats a Gunnin’ and a Drinking, Not Really a Mixing”